Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free Online Ruler - web-based Ruler in CM & Inches

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Here in this blog i will be sharing and discussing the web-based rulers by those you will be easily measuring things without having physical ruler in order to measure it out. I had take most of time today in order to discover few online actual size ruler and then share it with you.

While making the research, i really discovered lots of free websites that can be used for measuring things without having any ruler. You can use those without paying any pinny. paying is a big thing, you even don't need to download and install any software on your computer, all you will need to measure the things is that of opening your web-browser, visiting a particular website and then getting a suitable ruler as of your computer screen (Monitor).

How Online Rulers Can Help Me Measure Things?

Yup! This is quite obvious, but most of people don't know the power of web-based applications, they don't know how they work.Only rulers work very simply to measure things without any physical ruler. As we mentioned above that once you got into a website of online free ruler, you will get a message shown on that website such as "The ruler has automatically fixed to your screen" or please choose your computer screen resolution to make your measurement correctly. so you know what you need to do if a message appears.

Why You Should Use Web-based Ruler?

One question may arises in your mind that is why you need to use an online version of  ruler to measure things you want measurement of? The answer is:- You can use it in case you are in a hurry but needs to measure anything, but don't have access to a physical ruler. if that was unavailable for you, you can easily measure things with the free online ruler just by visiting a website and taking a ruler that suites your screen resolution, and measuring things.

For What I Can Use Online Ruler

You can used it for many things that may not more than foot (or of your screen/monitor size). suppose you have a credit or identity card and want to measure ti just for fun or wondering how it would be. In other case, suppose having your country currency and wanna measure it, it may be just for fun or for getting it known. Or simply, you just wanna measure it yourself to make it confirmed...
And SO ON.....

Does Online Ruler Measures In MM, CM, Inches

Yeah!!! Almost all of the online rulers having the ability of measuring things either in Millimetre, centimetre or in inches. You can either select what type of measurement scale do you need or will have different rulers with different scales options.

Here We Go....

Free On-Screen Ruler On the Web

Now, after clearing all the things that we think may arise in your mind, we are going to share the tools and websites that offers you that online free rulers. One of those websites is Free Online Ruler. This website let you measure any thing on your screen in centimetres and in inches. It has a ruler which had both inches and centimeters, you can easily measure anything you want.

Actual Size online ruler in CM

online ruler
Piliapp offers a free web-based ruler in (cm), if you are looking for an online ruler in centimeters then this ruler is the best choice for you. just open the above website by clicking on the link, once you opened the site, you will get a message that (if you've a 15 inch screen) [We detected your screen as 15" do you have] Or you will have to select a screen size as you have.

My Online Ruler

My online ruler
With this Free Online ruler you can easily measure things in centimeters and inches, it has a web-based ruler which has both of the measurement values that are inches and centimeters. so it means that you have two rulers at one place. unlike the above one, it features two rulers embedded in one. If we talk about the screen resolution and monitor of your computer, then it automatically detects both of you monitor size and screen resolution and shows a message just above the ruler that we had detected your screen as.... You can choose from the drop-down menu what size of computer's monitor do you use or can specify by entering in digits.

iRuler.net - Online Ruler

online free ruler
Well, so here we came with another discovery that we would like to share with you my dear readers.  If the above rulers didn't suites to you or having any troubles and problem while using, then you can make use of this online ruler. this website detects your monitor dimensions and size with resolution automatically. But if you are not sure or the detected dimension and resolution is right then you can reset is easily because you will be given an option to reset both of this.